The Human Dimension & Why It Matters
The expanding tourism industry has impacted the Galapagos’ local population by contributing to economic change and social issues.
A Song for Isabela | 2013

Don Amable Torres, 68, is a local celebrity on Isabela Island. Almost everyone knows him, either through his music or his business, which also serves as his home. Offering five-dollar haircuts at a small station in his bedroom, his house also includes a room of televisions with video game systems, where kids can pay to play their favorite video games.

A young spirit in an aging body, Amable Torres still enjoys the nightlife on Isabella, despite the changes he feels and the changes that are making it hard for him to run his business.

“Even now that I’m old, I don’t consider myself old. I consider myself a young man,” he said.

Amable Torres has produced a demo CD of his songs, titled “El Cholo que Canta,” or “The Singing Cholo” and plans to peddle his music around the island by bike.

Many of Amable Torres’ songs are about Isabela Island and the way of life in the Galapagos. His wife and two children left him and the Island decades ago, but Amable Torres has stayed and plans on staying.

“I’ve been to all the islands and I haven’t liked them. I like it here,” he said. “That’s why God gave me inspiration to sing to the Island.”

"God gave me the inspiration to sing to the island."
-Don Amable Torres